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Kaala returned his smile, being used to his little game.
As everything the clan grew or collected was split evenly, no one actually had to buy anything.
Still, being a natural barterer, Eli found humor in handing his drinks out as free.
By the time, Eli returned with the glasses, Fryer was already seated, and he laughed out loud as the large mugs were sat on the table.
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You people are even brewing your own beer? Hell, if Myra had told us that, we’d have bumped off Cam ourselves, just for a taster.
” Kaala eyed him narrowly, but then let her scowl relax into a warmer smile.
“All the luxuries of home, eh? Eli’s even allowed to keep it chilled.
Seems the Colonel likes his beer cold.
” Fryer took a long drink, and then sat back, clearly relishing the long-forgotten taste.
“Maybe you don’t have all the luxuries of home here, Kaala, but this is one heck of a start.
” “It’s always the little things we miss the most,” she replied with a whimsical laugh.

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Kaala had only known Fryer for a week, but in that time, her opinion of him had changed dramatically.
Like most in the clan, she had feared the sudden appearance of bandits in their midst, but there were a few, like Fryer and Darwin, that she took an immediate liking too.
Fryer, especially, seemed like an honorable man, and in the few days they’d spoken, she was already willing to call him a friend.

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She thought they could be close, but before she allowed that, she needed to know just what kind of man he was.
“You used to be a priest, right?” she asked.

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