Black anal erotica.

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Black anal erotica.

We took a time-out for something cold to drink, and while I sat at the table drinking my Coke, she began to wash up the few breakfast dishes that were in the sink.
We were still chatting, her back to me; about Jake, about our upcoming graduations, about the wedding, but I wasn’t really hearing any of it.

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I couldn’t take my eyes off her.
Her pinned-up hair exposed her graceful neck, and the smoothly curving lines of her body, changing with her small movements at the sink, were mesmerizing.
The proud shoulders and tapering lines of her torso, the perfect curve of her bare lower back and the light sheen of sweat in the valley over her spine, the skin-tight tiny shorts over her flawless ass and those long, muscular but finely tapering legs, all combined into a special, perfect woman… it was too much.

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