Make her cum hard.

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Make her cum hard.

Most of our other guests came on vacations and bought golf or tennis packages.
I had seen Mister Weber a few times and thought he was a handsome man but really thought no further as I had a steady boyfriend at the time. Hot married salamanca woman.
I’ve usually had a boyfriend ever since my first one in the seventh grade.
I’m considered pretty, my hair is ‘dirty’ blond and shoulder length and my figure is 34(C-cups, if you must know)-24-36, so I do attract the occasional look and leer, and I’m five foot nine in my stocking feet.

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One morning at the front desk, I was there when he came to check in and as I got the check-in completed, I told him that the room wasn’t quite ready.
“Well, I’ll just talk with you then,” and he looked at my name badge and added, “Yes, I’ll just talk with you, Kelly, you’re certainly the most diverting thing around here.
” “Oh, I’m sure you would hardly need diverting, Mister Weber, you look like you are well-entertained wherever you go.
” “Ah but there’s nothing like a lovely young lady to divert a man from the more boring tasks of life.
” “I’m sure there are few boring things in your life, Mister Weber, you look like a man who generates excitement wherever he goes.
” This banter went on a little longer until I got a notice that his room was ready, then I had the bellboy take him up to his room.

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I was sorting some paperwork when the bellman came back down and walked over to the desk where I was standing.
He was laughing as he said softly, not wanting to be overheard, “Well, your Mister Weber was an interesting gent.
He asked me if there might be any available women in the hotel that he might hook-up with or pay for and he specifically asked me about you, Kelly, you.
” “You’re kidding, right?” “Scout’s honor, he asked me with your name, Kelly.

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Maybe he thinks you have a sideline? Could be your big chance, girl,” and he turned and walked away laughing.
Well, now just what did Mister Weber think I was? Sexy women in penngrove ca. Adult dating. Then it came to me that he certainly thought I was attractive enough to consider having sex with.
The thought actually rather appealed to that part of me, well, probably of any woman, really, that responds to male sexual interest.

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Yes, it rather turned me on.
Yes, he was older, probably about my own dad’s age but he was handsome and trim.
A few minutes later, the desk phone rang and it was Mister Weber, “Oh, is this Kelly? Secret balconey fuck session. Yes, my dear, would you have some sharpened pencils and a couple of writing pads sent up to my room? Oh, and also an extra key.

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