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Even that slight touch made me fight back a sigh and Joe spoke right up.
“Relax baby.
Do what comes naturally.
Don’t hold anything in.
Especially not those lovely sounds that only you make darling.
I’m sure Cass will enjoy hearing them.
I know I will.
” I was slightly embarrassed but Joe was switching from my sweet Daddy to the one that I knew not to toy with.
My brain responded as it always did, with the intense desire to please knowing I would be pleased in return. Free fetish webcams no sign up.
I relaxed without a second thought, while I felt Cass’ hands stroke firmly up my back.

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The heel of his hands pressed up and down either side of my spine.
“Mmm, ohhh” I softly moaned as I felt some tension release.
“Good girl, let it out,” Joe soothed softly.
His voice encouraged me to let go of any hesitation and I closed my eyes I hadn’t realized were still open.
Cass’ hands slid smoothly up and down fanning out at my shoulder blades.
“Ohh my,” I whispered as he pressed my shoulders apart, his hands stretching my skin.
“So good.

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Yesss,” I hissed.
The whispers, the touches.
True to form I began to feel aroused.
The stroking of my skin has always been intensely intimate.
Now, knowing Joe was right there watching and observing was making my pussy contract and flood.
He moved lower now, his thumbs massaging the twin dimples above my ass cheeks and I groaned.
“Oh God.

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Right there.
” I sucked in a sharp breath of air and he eased up on the pressure only to come back with the perfect amount of friction.
“Mmm. Kannada adult sites.
Perfect Cass.
That feels so amazing.
” I heard the smile in his voice as he paused to warm more oil, one hand always on my flesh.
“Good Mrs.
Ward,” his voice rumbled, “Very good.
” His hands moved down to my ass and he caressed my firm flesh.

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Blessed with a high round bubble butt, I have always been secretly proud of my ass that I keep toned and tight.
Aroused and warmed I gasped in pleasure feeling his hands massaging me there. Pak school girls xxx photo.
I wondered what Joe was thinking watching someone else smooth their hands over me, caressing and kneading so deliciously that I groaned in pleasure.

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