Sexie cincinnati older women.

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Sexie cincinnati older women.

About 5 years older than me and is a lot more experienced and active sexually then me.
Ian was well built and just under 6ft tall.
Even though he is considerably older than me I still found him extremely sexy.
Chrissy is also quite sexy to look at.
Chrissy was aware of her looks and did not mind highlighting her assets.
On this occasion Chrissy had on a light dress with a low neck line.
Whenever Chrissy bent over I could see down the front of her dress showing a low cut red bra. Belt spanked fucked.
Her nipples uncovered.

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The view from behind was just as revealing, showing that she was wearing a red thong.
Ian and I were sitting on the couch while Chrissy was going through Ian’s collection of CDs.
The pile was on the floor in front of us.
Chrissy was bent over facing us picking out one to play.
Both Ian and I got a good look down the front of Chrissy’s dress as she selected the next CD.
The hardness of Chrissy’s erect pink nipples left no doubt to the fact that she new that she was displaying her wonderful round tits to us.

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As she stood and turned to change the CD on the player Chrissy did not bend her legs and only bent at the waist.
This meant her dress rode up above her waist.
We could see the top of her red thong disappear into the crack of her beautiful white arse and then reappear below and cover her mound between her spread legs.

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Chrissy took her time changing CD’s so that we were able to enjoy the show.
I have never been with another woman before but, seeing the show that Chrissy was putting on in front of Ian was having a strange effect on me. Grand blanc swingers.
I glanced at Ian and by the happy look on his face he was also enjoying the view.
While the CD played Chrissy returned to the pile to select another CD to play.

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Once again we got a lovely view of Chrissy’s white round tits in contrast to the rest of her which had a light tan.
Her lovely pink nipples appeared to have got even harder.
Chrissy chose and played several more CDs, each time giving us alternating views of her thong covered mound and untanned tight little arse and round tits.

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