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Www girls adultdating games com.

I try to get a little more comfortable but he is playing to the audience dominating me with his dick.
I feel the heat of his hand spank my ass as it rises from his belly.
“Come on bitch take the meat,” he whispers as I return down to his body and feel his cock like a second spine.
I gasp when the fingers tighten around my waist and he begins by shear muscle power to lift me on and off his iron bar.

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I want to pull of my blindfold, and see the bastard fucking my ass without mercy, but the script says leave it on.
To the audience and the camera he works me, and slowly from the pain and the abuse the nightmare comes, the fear that frightens me, for I begin to pant and respond to this pitiless man with his cruel hard cock “That’s it baby I was told I was getting a virgin ass, and you were tight hun, so tight a little blood but no problem you are nice and open now, so let’s fuck” I feel him pull me back along his body my ankles raised and the shock of another suddenly between my thighs makes me jerk.

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