Lesbian chimp attack.

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Lesbian chimp attack.

Tyrone and Melvin have just been experiencing my new business venture.
Why don’t you go into the bedroom and check it out for yourself?” I slowly walked towards the bedroom, afraid of what I would find in there, and hoping that my worst fears would be realized.
I walked through the door of the dimly lit room, and it was hard to see much at first since it was illuminated only by the filtered daylight coming through the tattered curtains.

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My senses were flooded with the smell of sex, cum, and pussy juice, both stale and fresh, as my eyes began to focus on an old mattress on the floor.
I moved closer and saw a naked woman lying on a filthy, cum-stained sheet that was partially covering the mattress.
The woman was lying face down on the mattress, resting partially on her right side, being held in that position by her left leg, which was pulled up towards her chest.

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That caused her legs to be lewdly spread, exposing her ass and cunt to my view.
As my eyes more fully adjusted to the dim light, I saw that there was what looked like cum oozing out of her ass and pussy.
I could tell from the color and length of her hair, and the shape of her body, that it had to be my Lori, and she seemed to be resting with her eyes closed. Asian decorative pillow.

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I knelt down next to her, and when she felt my presence, she opened her eyes and said, “Hi, honey, I hope you like the way that Bud and his friends are helping to make all of your fantasies come true.
Bud is even making a little money by sharing my white pussy with his black and Latino friends.

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