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Lonely women ontario.

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She arrived at Curlygirly’s apartment shortly after, knocked on the door and went inside, still worried about her friend, not knowing what had happened when they’d been talking on the phone.
The TV was blaring as she dumped her bags on the kitchen table and called out to announce her arrival.
There was no response and she frowned as she walked towards the living room, almost slipping on a pool of congealing yellow liquid which had the pieces of a broken bowl in it.

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More than a little worried now, she called out again, “CG? Curly? Where are you?” Mazza moved quickly through to the living room, but there was no sign of her friend and she called out yet again as she made her way upstairs to her room.
As she got closer, she could hear CG’s voice.
It sounded as though she was being attacked or something!

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Fuck!! Mazza sprinted up the stairs and burst into her room.
She wasn’t there but her voice could clearly be heard, “Waaaaaa!” She almost ran into the ensuite bathroom and spotted CG immediately.

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