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Woman looking for sex dixie telephone.

She heard the door close quickly and the sound of a lock latching.
Alora had willingly and without any reservation placed herself into a state of submission.
This was not like before, this was something new and quite unexpected.
The sound of music quickly touched her ears and it rang with an earthy deep sound. Skindating com.
There were no lyrics or words, just music with beats that tantalized the soul.

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Alora relaxed and let the music flow through her and was startled by the gentle pressure against her lips.
She opened her mouth to let the object to be pushed in and let the sweetness of the strawberry fill her.
She smiled as she swallowed the fruit and the thought of gift that had just been presented to her. Hotnikyta phone erotica xxx.
A coconut scented liquid hit her skin causing her body to jump as it gently flowed across her breasts and downward.

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She began to squirm till she felt the hands begin to massage her in a circular motion.
The sounds, the lack of sight, the smells, and lingering taste of the strawberry already had her senses screaming for joy….
but this touch kneading and releasing any and all stress from her body was more than she could take. T girl hook ups tranny dating winter haven.

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She could feel her own body’s juices begin to flow from between her legs.
As the touch enveloped her breasts, her nipples stood hard and erect, and a moan escaped her lips as she felt the presence of a tongue flicking against them.
The massage continued as finger tips slid against the oil warming each spot they encountered.
Down they went until Alora lifted her hips to greet them between her legs and spasms wracked her body as a finger entered her pussy.

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The flick of a tongue made her clitoris stand up hard and she felt herself wanting more.
The juices of her body flowed into the ever searching and hungry mouth pressing against her pussy.
She knew this was neither her husband’s touch, nor her husband’s tongue and yet she could not stop wanting more.
She pushed her pelvis forward and backward letting the throbbing consume her.

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She was about to cum, when she heard it, a sharp and distinct sound, one which she had come to enjoy herself.
But the sting of it was not there, just the sound.
She heard it again, then the moaning coming from between her legs with the hot breath panting against her pussy.
Alora was enraged and thrilled all at once as the visual of what was occurring passed through her mind.

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She felt the rhythm that was beginning to take place as the finger pushed in time to the penetration.

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