Com committed dating.

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Com committed dating.

A part of me is enjoying seeing them fight.
I’ve never been sure what it is about two girls fighting with each other, but it gets me.
Even if it is just a verbal argument. Bikini chicks from another plant.
Now I’m running out of energy to maintain my focus.
I may not be actively fucking her, but my cock is still hard, and its still inside an incredibly beautiful woman, and another has her delicious, wet pussy pressed firmly against my lips and tongue.

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Though nothing more is really said, we make it through a few more minutes of conversation before returning to the sex.
When I start thrusting into Emily again, and return my tongue to Xandra’s wet clit, the true chaos begins. All styles of sex.
Within another moment though, none of us can function in a meaningful way.
None of us can really control ourselves.

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I know that I’m going to cum soon, but I’m determined not to do it first – nor inside of Emily, regardless of how hot and tight she is, or how beautifully slutty she is.
I do want to though.
I want to let go right now and fill her with a huge load.

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