Extreme waterslide girl loses bikini.

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Extreme waterslide girl loses bikini.

” I just sat and listened to what they were saying.
I had no idea I would be so aroused by hearing my wife talk this way with a stranger.
My cock was throbbing.
I wanted to pull it out and let her suck me off right then.
“Is your husband around?” “Yes, I think he’s here somewhere.
Why do you ask?” “Well, you said his cock and mine look very similar.
I was thinking if you would suck him while I watch, I could pretend it was mine. My sister is dating my ex husband.
” “Hmmm, now that’s not a bad idea.
Let me see if I can talk him into that.

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” Susan got up from the chair and walked out of the camera view.
She placed her hand on my cock and squeezed.
“Mmmmm, feels like you would like me to do what he said.
” I was so hot and horny.
I wanted her to suck me and let me explode between those sweet lips of hers.
And I have to admit, the thought of her performing for this guy was even more arousing. Ebony pussy love.

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“I’m all for it, if you don’t mind.
” I said with a hopeful voice.
Susan sat back down and looked into the screen.
“I found him.
He said he’d love for me to do that to him while you watched.
” “Oh my God, that’s fantastic.
Can you do it now?” “Sure.
Let me get him in here.
” “Okay.
Can I ask something else?” “Sure, Stephen.
What is it?” “Could you just have the middle of his body on camera.
I mean I want to see all of you, but just his cock and not his face.

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That way I can really imagine that it’s my cock you are sucking.
” “I think we can do that.
” Susan pulled my boxers down and my cock sprang out at full attention.
I lay across the bottom of the bed with the top of my body facing the camera.
My legs hung over the end of the bed.
Susan positioned herself between my legs facing the camera.

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She pulled off her top and her fabulous tits were exposed for Stephen to see. Booginja free no pay totally free sex chat room.
I know my cock jerked and jumped as I thought of him looking at her tits.
“Oh God, Susan.
Your tits are even more incredible than I had imagined.
I’d love to be sucking your nipples as you suck his cock.
” “Mmmmm.
That would feel so good.
” I later found out that he had taken his boxers off and was stroking his cock as they were talking.

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