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Hot ass po rn an al gifs.

He ran his hand over Luca’s chest, pinching his nipples, up his neck and along his cheek, around to the back of his head and pulled him down for more kisses.
Luca had arrived at the point he wanted to cum.
He suddenly decided he wanted to fuck Briggs the way he had fucked his wife – with Briggs on his back and him between his legs. Chubby latina teen fucked.
With his cock still deep in Briggs’s ass he moved around into his favorite position and hooked Briggs’s legs over his powerful arms.

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Briggs didn’t close his eyes, but looked into Gianni’s eyes.
Gianni began fucking Briggs hard, knocking the breath from him.
Briggs grabbed Gianni’s shoulders and dug his fingers in. Kashmi sexy girls boys xxx.
Gianni was pounding his ass and Briggs knew Gianni was nearing the breaking point.
Briggs let go of one of Gianni’s shoulders and jerked his cock, bringing himself to a climax, spurting warm cum onto his chest and stomach.

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Luca threw his head back and clinched his eyes shut, then gasped, “Oh shit, I’m cumming. Bitch but crazy fuck good hey lyric so.
” He fell on top of Briggs and ground his teeth against his lips, forcing his tongue into his mouth.
As the last of the cum squirted from his cock he let up the pressure of his mouth on Briggs’s and sucked on his lips.
When his heart had returned to almost normal he felt his cock softening and slipping out, his cum coming out with it.

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He rolled to one side and put his arm behind Briggs’ head, letting him rest his head on Gianni’s shoulder.
Neither of them spoke.
There didn’t seem to be any words appropriate for this moment.
After several minutes Briggs turned his head and looked up at Luca.

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