Nice pic sexy.

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Nice pic sexy.

Now that his hand held one of my ass cheeks, I could feel just how large and manly it was.
Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remembered hearing one of the circus girls speculating that men with large hands always had large cocks.
I had only a second of recollection before Gideon pulled my body against his so that I could feel the fullness of his erection.
Oh my god I screamed inside my head.
His prominent erection spurred emotions as unfamiliar as a foreign language. Stripper video latin girl.
It was only when our lips parted that the circus surrounding us came back to life.

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Surrounded again by the sounds and smells of the only world I had ever known, I realized I had felt transported if even for a few moments.
Daring to look into his eyes I could see the sparkle of satisfaction that lit up his entire face.
“If I were a betting man, I would bet you won’t soon forget our kiss,” he said with a husky voice thick with confidence.

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I stood motionless desperately trying to form a sensible reply.
Suddenly he was gone as quickly as he had appeared.
Forced to regain my composure I opened the curtain to return to the real world, my world, the only thing I had ever known.
No matter how I tried, I couldn’t shake my thoughts of him.
My mind returned to the feel of his hands and the urgency of his mouth on mine over and over.

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I wondered to myself if everyone who parted with their half dollar for a kiss that night could taste the sin on my lips. Nudist black lick cock and fuck.
I tried to pretend it was Gideon each time I sold a kiss but it just didn’t measure up.
As the night wore on the dampness in my panties refused to subside.
I was acutely aware that I smelled like sin.
Maybe my lust was apparent because I sold twice the regular amount of kisses that night.

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Despite scanning the crowd anxiously I didn’t see Gideon the rest of the night.
The gnawing realization that tomorrow was the final night of the circus ate at me as the night came to a close. Paradisse4you free webchat rooms.
Surrounded by the chaos of the circus I realized how badly I wanted to feel Gideon inside me.
I wanted to see if his large hands were more than an urban legend, or if the erection he had pressed against me was as formidable as I imagined.

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