Sperm count infidelity test.

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Sperm count infidelity test.

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Swallowing as she went, she opened her throat and proceeded to take him further down.
She slid him down her throat until her nose reached his abdomen and she could go no further.
Holding him deep in her throat like that for a few seconds, she cradled his cum-heavy nuts gently, massaging them and tickling his perineum lightly with her fingernails.

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The sensations were almost too much for Kevin, and he nearly exploded right then. Check out this hook up sex foto.
He moaned and spread his legs further apart, reaching between them to place a hand on the back of his Oriental flower’s head.
Mi-Cha would have been happy just staying right there, pleasing him with her mouth and fingertips all day.
However the need for air caused her to pull back far enough to open her throat for a breath.

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Without taking him out of her mouth completely she breathed in deeply through her nose and once her lungs were full of fresh air she went back down again. Xnaughtygirl4ux esxy xxx video.
This time however, Kevin reached over and grabbed her ankle, pulling her ass around to him.
she moved around as he directed her.
Kevin began caressing her thigh as she sucked on his cock, his hand slowly sliding up her leg higher and higher until it bumped against her dripping sex.

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Mi-Cha moaned softly and spread her legs wider as Kevin’s fingers parted her now bulging lips and insistently slipped inside of her wet hole. Girl chokes on cock deserves respect.
As Mi-Cha happily bobbed her head up and down his length, Kevin began churning his fingers inside her pussy and rubbed over her screaming clit.
Mi-Cha was on fire now, she was so excited and aroused she wanted to scream.

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She humped against his hand as she sucked and licked furiously, trying to make him cum.
It was a test of wills – Kevin holding on trying to make her cum and Mi-Cha doing her best not to while bringing him to orgasm first.
Unfortunately, Mi-Cha was outmatched in this game.
Kevin was older and more experienced.
he knew tricks that Mi-Cha was unprepared for.

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He used one of these tricks now as he curled his finger under her pubic bone to reach her spongy g-spot.
He began rubbing the sensitive area as his fingers twisted and wriggled inside her sopping pussy.
Mi-Cha felt her orgasm rising and she was just about to crest. Gay straight bus.
All she needed was a little more.
A little more.
And as she tried concentrating on sucking his cock for all she was worth, Kevin gave her that “little more”.

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The position of Kevin’s was such that, with a little adjustment, his thumb was able to reach her little puckered asshole.