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We had been married for about a year, when one night we got home after being out and drinking with some other couples, and things got more interesting.
I noticed that a couple of the husbands were flirting with Amy, and I brought it up to her.
I wasn’t jealous or anything, and in fact, that was the first time I realized that it turned me knowing that she was desired by other men.

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We were both inebriated, and during the teasing about the flirting, we started talking about who we’d want to fuck, given the chance. Adult social network.
Amy admitted to being especially attracted to one of the men, partly because his wife had confided in her one time, that he had a rather large cock.
My dick is decent, I suppose, at five inches long and medium thickness, but it is small compared to his.

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That realization, and the fact that Amy was expressing appreciation for his larger cock, was the first time I ever felt more submissive around her. Asiatique sexy video histoire.
We had a very good sex life, and both liked giving and receiving oral sex, and it was easy for me to visualize her sucking our friend’s cock.
Over the next several months, as we explored our fantasies further, I discovered that not only did Amy have a desire to be subservient to and be used by a married couple, I learned that I was aroused by being subservient to her and obeying her on sexual matters.

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She got a nipple ring to show her independence, and I started wearing a cock cage whenever she wanted me to.
After being married for two years, and before we had any children yet, we decided to go on a vacation to a clothing-optional, hedonist resort in Negril, Jamaica.
We were both anxious to learn whether our fantasies would become reality, in that promiscuous setting away from people we knew at home.

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So, we booked a five-day vacation in Negril.
We were using the rhythm method of birth control at the time, which wasn’t a problem since we mostly had oral sex, and we planned the trip to coincide with the end of her period, which would allow us to be there in her safe time.
The first day at the resort was a little scary, at least for me, because we were totally naked in front of strangers for the first time.

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Some of the people were overweight or otherwise not too pleasant to look at, but there were many couples who looked fantastic.
We sat by the pool, and Amy began pointing out men who had nice, thick, soft cocks, some circumcised and some uncut, that are five, six and even seven inches long.

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