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He fucked me gently for a while and then held my head tight as he tried to shove his entire cock down my throat.
I gagged and brought my hands up to his thighs to stop the deep penetration but he held me on his cock. Cute japanese gives blowjob.
He went back to a nice rhythm as I tried to catch my breath, but the gag had caused me to lose a little control.

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I had a mouth full of spit I wanted to swallow but couldn’t because he wouldn’t let go of my head.
Just when I thought I was in control again he shoved himself back down my throat.
Again I pushed my hands into his thighs trying to get away as I gagged.
Again he kept hold of my head.
My eyes started to water a little as he pulled out so that I could catch my breath.

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He looked Iown at me and smiled.
He asked if I was alright and once I had my breath back told him I was ok.
He then held my head again as he guided his cock back inside.
He did not go deep but started to fuck my mouth again.
I kept my lips tight for him and concentrated the best I could on sucking him.

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