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It was an accident.
There was no crime, no issue.
Just a solitary fire in the summer night.
The next day, Sunday, was quiet.
I didn’t hear from Suzie Bowen.
I usually didn’t on Sunday, it was always the typical day of rest for us, though I half expected at least get a phone call from her, with information or gossip about the wedding that I’d skipped.
But she didn’t call.
I spent the day at home.
I packed up a couple of boxes of books that I wanted to take with me to college. Ebony live sex cams.
Sorted through other things, childish things.

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Cracked my senior yearbook and looked at the pictures and inscriptions of so many people—many of whom I had seen day after day, year after year, for twelve years.
The girls, all of them, so many of them intimate friends, all closed their inscriptions with “RMA.
” RMA.
Remember Me Always.
Why did they want me to remember them always? Why not? Didn’t they deserve that?

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Sperm donors available. Would they remember me? None of us would ever know if we did or didn’t.
The following morning, a Monday, would have seen me at Suzie Bowen’s, as had been our habit these recent weeks.
But I didn’t go, and she never called.
And I wouldn’t presume to show up without being summoned; for all I knew, her mother might have had the day off.
Even if my presence had been requested, I’m not sure I’d have gone.

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At least not that day. Bdsm spanish stirrups.
But in any case, I didn’t hear from her.
Instead, I spent the morning eating half a box of Eggo waffles greasy with Fleischmann’s margarine, then sat on one of the webbed chairs on the front porch with my feet up on the wrought iron railing, reading a book.
The low, early sun shot beneath the porch awnings, burned through the gauzy morning haze and toasted the east-facing half of my stretched body.

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The close air had that tang of industry, of humanity. Girls getting fucked hard pictures.
It smelled like every summer morning that I had ever known.
My shift at the A&P started at noon.
Since I wasn’t especially occupied for a change, I got there in plenty of time.
Despite the relative contentment of the previous few hours, it didn’t make going into work any easier, knowing that Sally was gone.

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