Piss testing and lowes.

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Piss testing and lowes.

” I wanted to bask in that glow all day, soak up Sue’s beautiful face, her tender words and the heat of her body.
There was no way my body would let that happen though.
I pulled away slowly, until the head of my cock was almost out of her and then slid back inside. Free meet mature women.
I did the same again, looking down at the silhouette of my cock disappearing inside Sue’s pussy.

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Sue’s hands came around my back to grasp my bottom and immediately started to help my thrusts, pulling me into her and making sure that I ground against her clit in just the right way.
I kept my rhythm slow and my strokes long as I looked down at Sue.
She tried to keep my gaze as our excitement mounted but it was almost like she sighed with each stroke.

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I constantly switched my eyes between Sue’s face and the wondrous sight of my cock moving in and out of her.
I was just beginning to feel the sensations and think about coming when Sue wriggled beneath me and my cock slipped out of her.
I think she quietly said, “from behind,” as she turned around and offered me her pussy from the rear but no words were necessary to explain that move.

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I quickly brought my cock up to her pussy lips again and pushed gently inside.
I looked down and got an even better view of my cock sinking into Sue’s pussy, this time just under a tight little asshole and between her round butt cheeks.
As soon as I started thrusting into her, Sue began pushing back hard onto me.
I could feel that her excitement had reached a new level and my body responded by feeling the unmistakable renewed signs of an oncoming climax.

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I raised one leg from a kneeling position and placed my foot on the bed, allowing me to thrust with a more upward motion.
Sue spread her legs further apart in response and immediately I could feel my balls slap against her damp flesh with each thrust.
As the slow burn of coming orgasm started I reached between Sue’s legs and found her clit.

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It was swollen and soaked, but I heard her gasp as I left my fingers in place, moving slightly with my body as I thrust into her time and again. Naked fit girl with a dick.
I tried to keep my rhythm slow, long and steady as my desire to plunge into her and make myself cum rose through me.
Beneath me Sue was panting now, obviously close to climax herself.

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I pushed a little harder on her clit with my fingers, trying to synchronize climaxes.
It was Sue’s reaching back to me and cupping my balls with her hand that did it.

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