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Sexys latinas tijuana.

I thought about what it would be like to suck her pussy after he’d fucked her and how his cum would taste.
I wondered what it would be like to suck his cock.
I imagined the humiliation I would feel when the word got around the projects that he fucked my wife, and other black men fucked her as well.
All of them would know that my wife had become a black-cock whore, and Bud’s lover. Naughty nurse handjob.

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That was also when I began going to more porn sites looking for cuckold stories to read, which helped to fuel my increasingly vivid and raunchy fantasies.
Starting a couple of weeks after Bud’s threat, I noticed that Lori was coming home late on most nights and she always tastes of mouthwash.
She also seemed worldlier somehow, using foul language like never before and even dressing more revealingly.

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I still had oral sex with her on most nights when she got home, and her sweaty, musky, and juicy pussy was powerfully aromatic and tasty to me.
About five weeks after Bud’s threat, I was reading stories on a cuckold porn site that is hosted in the Chicago area.
It caters to white couples who are pursuing cuckold relationships with black men. Milf wife after shower onmilfcom.
I knew from reading many of the postings that the site caters to lower class and raunchier participants than some of the other sites.

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I love the really nasty stories where the white wives and their cuckold husbands do disgusting things for the black men they are worshiping.
I was stroking my dick after finishing a particularly juicy cuckold story, when I came across a story with the title ‘Making the Debt Collector’s Wife My Whore’, and that caught my attention.

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