Wife masturbates on web cam.

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Wife masturbates on web cam.

My hand was back on Pete’s groin, rubbing quite hard at it now.
He muttered something about not going too far, or there might be a nasty mess.
I looked at him: “Promises, promises”, I whispered.
I stopped rubbing for a moment; Pete looked as if he was about to tell me not to stop, but then he realised that I had started carefully to unzip his trousers.
His cock was enormously stiff, still held in place by his boxer shorts, but straining almost painfully against the material. Beautiful brunette big natural tits squirting big tits adult video.

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I carefully slipped my hand inside his trousers, running my fingers over his boxers, feeling his cock’s length and hardness.
Getting even bolder, I slipped one finger inside the slit in the front of his boxers and felt the heat of his engorged flesh.
There were still too many people around for me to risk taking his cock right out of his trousers, but I managed to push down his boxers far enough to let it spring out of the top and I could get my hand around the hot shaft. Akirasuka sexy girl cum.
As I began to pump it harder, still inside his trousers, I felt a considerable quantity of pre-cum dribble out, lubricating the shaft and making it easier for my hand to rub up and down.

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Pete was trying to regulate his breathing, but he was getting very red in the face! I smiled.
“How does that feel?” I whispered.
Pete responded by sliding his hand inside the loose flap of my wrap-around skirt and stroking the bare flesh of my leg. Innocent_ana one line sex cams wap.
The light touch of his fingers on my skin sent a delicious tingle up my spine, which became even more intense as his hand moved to the warm sensitive inside of my upper thighs.
I trembled slightly as his fingers approached the very top of my thighs, so close to my pussy that he must have been able to feel the heat of me.

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His fingers just brushed oh-so-lightly over my bare mound, barely making contact in such a way that I almost screamed out with delighted frustration. Saraltliam www shat sex video com.
There is nothing that turns me on more than being toyed with like this, being kept on the edge of sexual contact, and Pete knew this, but I guess he couldn’t wait any longer.
Slowly I felt his fingers slide over my mound until they found my little pink labia, already wet with my sexual juices.
I parted my thighs slightly, allowing my pussy lips to open just enough to admit one questing finger.

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I let out an almost primitive groan as I felt that finger slip inside my hot slit, probing into me, rubbing at my spongy vaginal walls, tickling upwards towards my special spot. Boldness fuckweb com donwloat.
I rubbed harder at Pete’s cock.
I could tell by his breathing and the way that he was humping into my hand that he wouldn’t be able to hold back for much longer.
“Oh Annie, I’m going to cum,” he whispered.
“Good,” I whispered back, and give one long pull, stretching the skin tight, squeezing him hard.

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That was enough to tip him over the edge; he gasped – “Oh Annie!” – and I felt his cum pumping up his shaft. Haira21 free no sign up adult video chat.
Keeping my hand inside his boxers, I quickly positioned it over the tip and caught as much as possible of the hot creamy liquid in my palm, although some of it oozed through my fingers and dripped down onto his boxers.

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