Women wanting no strings.

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Women wanting no strings.

She said, “It’s okay, now Becky, I’ve finished spanking you.
You can now calm down.
” It did take Becky a while to calm down, although she had to admit that she did rather like the way that Mrs.
H was now rubbing her bottom and the backs of her legs.
It was all very soothing and pretty much like a loving caress even though she was still bent across her lap with her hair draped on the floor, and she still couldn’t make out anything other than the blurred backs of Mrs. Sexy black chick handjob.
H’s legs.

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Even so, she was starting to recover.
Once Becky had changed from crying to the occasional sob, Linda asked the witch, “Can Becky now get up?” Esmeralda replied, “Not quite yet.
I need to discuss with you why this happened.
” Becky was now listening and so was Linda, both intrigued as to why they had been picked out on this Halloween night.
Esmeralda continued, “You have heard the saying trick or treat.

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Obviously you have because Becky said it when she came into the living room.
However, it is deeper than that.
We in the devil’s domain know that Becky was very naughty last week and should have received her spanking then but refused.
You, Mrs.
H, also knew that she deserved a spanking, but didn’t insist.
So, when she asked today for a trick or a treat, we in the cavern decided that you deserved a treat.

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To be clear, you Mrs.
H deserved a treat, not Becky.
For that reason, I came here to persuade you to give Becky the spanking that she deserved.
Other demons would’ve followed if you had not carried out the spanking.
So, well done, you have earned your treat.
” Linda couldn’t resist but asked, “So what would the trick have been?” Esmeralda cackled as he replied, “Well, Becky tricked you last week into applying the wrong hair colour solution and now Becky has been tricked into accepting such a very hard albeit very-deserved spanking.

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” Linda was finding it hard to get her head around what was being said, and her thoughts interrupted when Esmeralda cackled, “I will now be away.
My advice to you, Mrs.
H, is to learn from today and to maintain disciplinary control over you’re very naughty lodger, that is Becky.

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