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I felt like I was about to explode! “Ok, I need to get the two of you inside now,” I demanded.
Roberto forced himself away from his view and got out and opened the door for us.
I left the miniskirt on the floor of the car and let the top fall away into my hand as I got out and then I handed it to Roberto.
“My skirt is on the floor,” I said.
“Take both of them with you and give them to Jacque when you pick him up at the airport. Fm tickle torture.
You have to tell him everything you saw tonight.
Promise me, Roberto!” “Ye, ye, yes, Ms.

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I promise,” he stammered.
“Oh, one last thing,” I said as I moved over to Jen.
“Someone is overdressed.
Villa rules apply to you now too, my love.
” I faced her and reached behind and lowered the zipper of her dress, then let it fall to the ground.
At some point during the evening, she had removed her panties as well. Spy on chat sites porn.
I smiled at her nakedness and moved in.
One hand was on her breast and the other reached between her legs.
I felt how wet she was, and we kissed.
Both of us holding each other’s breasts firmly as the passion of our kiss took me away to another land.

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Oh, how good this felt.
I took her hand, then reached for Paul’s and turned towards the villa door.
“Good night, Roberto,” I said over my shoulder as we made our way inside. Hotwife threesome stories.
“Don’t forget your promise!” To be continued… It was a delicate balance, the temperature and texture of the chocolate I was preparing to pour over his cock.
It wasn’t really something I was prepared to get wrong, so I worked carefully, meticulously.
Of course I had to test and taste it often, but one has to make sacrifices for true art.

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I gently warmed the thick cream in a double boiler with a stick of cinnamon, carefully avoiding bringing it to the boil. Flash porn lesbian orgasm wild.
The chips of dark Lindt chocolate melting in the cream took on a warm gloss as they started to liquefy.
Mmmm – yummy! Ensuring that the temperature was low enough, I turned to the beautiful red display in the bowl.
Testing the chillies for firmness, I selected the prettiest and cut it in half so that I could carefully scrape out the seeds, and added the two halves to the pot, repeating the process with another two chillies because I wanted a good, strong chilli tingle in the chocolate, but not too much considering that I was going to be eating a whole lot of it soon.

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Feeling a little like I should be saying an incantation or a blessing over it, I stirred the darkening mixture, loving the blend of colours as the chocolate melted into the cream, flowing into it in dark trailing twirls.
The aromatic fragrance wafting up out of the pot evoked exotic fantasies as I swirled the mixture delicately and my mind flew down wonderfully wicked paths.
I was already aroused, damply ready for the afternoon I had planned, but I was savouring every moment of the build-up, indulging in it.

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I dipped a finger, savouring the cinnamon, testing the chilli.
Adding a dash of freshly ground cardamom, I allowed it to warm a little longer so that the rich spices could blend and merge into a spicy, Moroccan flavoured liquid chocolate.

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