Doing her part.

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Doing her part.

Suspended on poles they work me.
In my bottom, he holds me rigid whilst the other pounds my tender burning sex.
Down my throat I taste the man and comprehend from the taste, he is fresh from another woman.
I taste them both and gag my sensors and body assaulted; I feel the brute surfacing in the darkness of my mind, driving me harder onto the merciless pistons inside me.

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Oh my god I want them, so brutally hard inside me, taking me, using me, and of course simply fucking me.
My body arches my throat expands.
The men sense it and I feel the one above me spank my breast, again harder this time.
My breast burns with a red heat, but my swollen nipples burns white-hot.
I cry out and he laughs as he thrust deep into me their balls between my vulva and anus spanking each other.

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I ‘am lifted slightly off my male bed and both together press me back down on their hardness.
I choke and pull away from the one in my mouth as I gasp for air. Bbw nude ass heels fat girl.
“No you don’t baby”, says the other man in a gravelly voice, as he thrust the cock back into my mouth.

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