Gay hard photo.

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Gay hard photo.

He continues this for a few more minutes making me gag every now and then. Cape cod nudist beach.
I start to taste it the creamy taste that I licked off my hands the other day.
I didn’t know it but it was his pre come and he was about to cum.
His cock started to spasm and jerk and then Rick force his cock deep down to the back of my throat.
He cum shoots at the back of my throat I gag a little as it fills my mouth and starts to flow out the sides.

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I swallow all that I can feeling proud of myself Rick just sits there and moan with a few deep breaths or relief as I lick the cum that spilled out of my mouth up. Fem hypnosis you will suck cock.
“Mmmm good girl Erin clean that up then we will go play in that van that u like to sneak off in to play in” said Rick.
After cleaning my face licking every bit of cum off rick cock we make or way to the garage as rick smacks my ass and grabs it.

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Once we climb in the van he shuts the door and we crawl our way to the bed and there on the bench is an arrangement of items that I soon find out to be Lubricant, some anal balls, and butt plug, vibrating dildo, and Restraint cuffs or collars.
Rick noticing that I saw these said we were going to have a little fun and guides me on my hands and knees on the bed in the back with my ass facing him.

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He starts rub his hand up and down my legs.
The feeling is great I can feel my cock growing in the red silky panties I’m wearing.
He then vigorously rubs my crotch and I get hard immediately moaning stick my ass higher in the air for him. Free dating for kinky sex.
He then smack my ass telling me “What a cute like pussy u have, I think we need to brake that in.

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” not knowing what he meant and still moaning from him rubbing my cock I didn’t really care.
HE them moves up on the bed past me parting the cuffs on my wrist and clipping the ends to frame of the van wear the curtain hung to cover the back two windows.
Then he somehow ties my ankles to the bed frame so I’m on my knees tied at the ankle with my feet just hanging over the edge of the bed. 1000 lb electric swinger waverunner lift.

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With arms tied and hanging in the air my body force to ark my back sticking my ass up in the air.
I’m able to squirm but not much.
He then start to rub and caress my legs in the tights and rub my crotch making me jerk in my restraints.
“Now let’s see if we can break in that young tight pussy of ur Erin” He now flips up the skirt and rips the tight at the ass area exposing the red silky panty covered ass and slip his finger in from the side and apply some lube and sliding his finger in my ass It hurts so I try to squirm away but can’t.

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