Single benton harbor women adult personals.

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Single benton harbor women adult personals.
Single benton harbor women adult personals.

Closing my eyes, I try my best to drift off although I cannot think of anything apart from the moans of pleasure and the sight of my best friends fucking.
The next thing I know is that I’m being woken up in a way unlike I have ever been before. Ask ebony jolene lesbian.
There is a tongue licking my pussy slowly and lovingly, licking it softly from top to bottom and I feel my pussy is responding in wetness.

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I open my eyes slowly expecting to see Robert between my legs but am shocked when I see it is Lucy.
I try to sit up but find that my hands have been tied together and to the bed.
Then I attempt to move my legs, but that fails too as they have been strapped to the bed also. Extreme doctor bondage.
Lastly, I try to speak but my mouth is gagged.
I look down at Lucy and while I know I should be scared I am so turned on and my pussy is soaking Lucy’s face.

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Lucy stops licking just before I’m about to cum and I’m unsure if she knew I was close or if it was just bad timing.
I get my answer as she kneels between my legs and explains, “My master and I saw you watching us earlier and Master was disappointed that you didn’t come and join in like a good whore would have done.

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