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Spain spain looking for casual sex.

I went to the fridge, grabbed one of the bottles I had purchased, and poured three glasses into plastic cups I had brought with me.
Jasmine emerged from the bathroom and I handed her two of the cups.
She gave me a bright smile and thanked me in a cheerful voice.
“Let’s bring these into the hot tub,” she said as she passed the bed.
Derek shrugged and rose from the bed with a groan.
Jasmine cooed softly as she gracefully lowered herself into the water. Looking for dating.
Derek roughly sank into the water next to her, splashing her face as he sat.

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Rather than get upset, she merely shook her head and smiled.
She was apparently used to his boorish behavior.
“So, how did you two meet?” I asked.
I wasn’t really interested in the answer; I was simply looking for an excuse not to feel like such an awkward third wheel.
“She started working out at my gym,” Derek explained, taking a huge gulp of wine.
“She was wearing yoga pants.
‘Nuff said?” I nodded in fellow appreciation of mankind’s greatest invention.
“He was such a smooth operator,” Jasmine said.
“He thought he’d get into those yoga pants in no time.

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But I made you work for it, didn’t I, baby?” “Yeah, whatever,” he scoffed, emptying his cup.
I fetched the wine bottle and refilled their cups.
“You’re really overdressed for the occasion, you know,” Jasmine said to me.

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I didn’t know how to respond, so I stuttered something indecipherable.
The last thing I wanted was to display my bloated old body in front of this goddess.
“Come on, Walter, take ‘em off,” she insisted.
“It only seems fair.
” I looked at Derek, who had already made a decent-sized dent in his second cup of wine. Cowboys sunned naked.
He gave me a look that I interpreted as, “Whatever, bro.

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Just keep your junk away from me.
” With some hesitance, I undressed with my back turned to them.
I didn’t want to see Jasmine’s expression when she saw my hideous figure for the first time.
I tugged off my last sock, and stood in the center of the room, suddenly feeling very vulnerable.
“See? Don’t you feel more comfortable now?” Jasmine said, slipping into her baby voice with ease.

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