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Hot chat with xnxx girls.

“Torture me, Master—oh, please torture me,” I murmured.
“Soon, darling, soon.
A little decoration first.
” He held before my eyes the pair of special masochist nipple-clamps, the ones he had used on me earlier that morning. Curly redhead sex gifs.
He attached them tenderly, the fierce little jaws biting lusciously into my erect nipples.


“Ohh, lovely! Ohh, thank you, Master!” “Now kiss the whip.
” “Of course.
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Before it kisses me.
” He held it to my lips, and longingly, lovingly, I kissed each darling lash in turn. Used panties young blonde.
“Please give me a good whipping.
A lovely whipping.
The most wonderful whipping you ever gave anyone.
Like that girl in the old story you were telling me about …” He disappeared from my line of vision, and I felt his fingers stroking the trembling flesh he was about to torture so beautifully. 100 porn.

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Then at last it came.
“Swish …” The most erotic sound I know: the tiny moment before the whip strikes, caressing and loving me.
“Ohhh!!” The supple leather lashes bit into my arse, enhanced by the flashing golden points of extra pain from the little hard knots I had worked so hard to add to their beauty. 7wladis7 random sex cams.
“Swish …” Again; this time with all Bob’s strength.
The pain was the most extreme I had ever felt; it flooded through my yearning body, pure and not yet blended with pleasure.

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Another short pause; another agonising stroke from the nine knotted lashes; and then again. Cumming on young girl gif.
I could sense the pain/pleasure threshold ahead of me: it was almost within my reach and I longed for it so … a fifth stroke would send me, screaming with joy, through the gateway … It didn’t come.