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Kyliecane 18 cam in facesex.

” With that, she sits on the chair left between your legs by Sue and begins.
One and then two fingers slip in easily, but as she begins to work the third finger inside, she begins stretching you.
She works slowly – applying lubricant and slowly works the third finger all the way inside. Www datingdress com.
I am standing close –watching Debbie, listening for your safe word to stop this.

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Debbie slowly works the three fingers around inside – spreading her fingers, stretching you more – working them in and out letting you get used to it.
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Then she brings her little finger up, pressing it tightly against her other fingers and then slowly pressing inside.
You groan, but I see you pressing down, trying to take more inside.
She works slowly – finally working her hand into you up to her thumb. Egeevichka erovidiyo ru.
She wiggles her fingers – you squirm your ass as you get used to the intrusion.
Debbie adds more lube to her hand and thumb and pressing her thumb against the palm of her hand, she slips it further in.

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your moans are coming more frequently, but from your body movements, I can tell you really want this. Sakira erotics theater.
Debbie gives one last firm push.
You gasp loudly, but to My amazement, I see nothing but Debbie’s wrist protruding from your pussy.
You are squirming your ass, pressing against her hand as she moves it around inside. Beat that pussy.
Your breath quickens – your moaning increases.

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“Cum if you want, Pam,” I tell you and with that, Debbie strokes your clit with her other hand and off you go.
Another hard orgasm – cumming around Debbie’s wrist and bucking your hips. Topeka sex mature.
When it subsides, Debbie quickly but smoothly slips her fist from your pussy.
“See, I told you that you would enjoy it,” she tells you as she moves from between your legs.
“Ok, Tom, Pam is at your disposal,” I say looking at him.

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Tom says ok, but he asks for some help in rearranging your position.
Joe and Bill move in to help him and they quickly lower the leg supports and untie you from the table.
Then they roll you onto your tummy and lower your feet to the floor. Cream queef.
Your ankles are spread and tied to the legs of the table and your upper body is again bound in place.
Tom moves behind you and applies a generous amount of KY to his cock and then tells Bill and Joe to get to either side and spread your ass cheeks.

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They grab you cheeks, pulling them wide apart and exposing your tight little asshole.
Tom applies more KY to your asshole and then rubs the tip of his cock against your asshole.
He slowly pushes – I can see your asshole beginning to stretch to take the head of his cock. Mature sex dating sites.
You grunt loudly as the head slips inside, and Tom stops pushing to allow you time to adjust, before slowly pushing again.

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Ever so slowly, he pushes until you can feel his cock hair tickling your asshole. Erect penis photos soft hard.
“Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkk, your ass is sooooooooooooo tight, Pam,” Tom moans.
Beads of sweat break out on his forehead as he struggles to maintain control and then he slowly begins to move – in and out – fucking your little asshole. Woman peeing in her chair.
Your moans and his grunts fill the room as I watch his cock fucking in and out.

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“Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,” Tom exclaims,” this is sooooooo good, but I can’t hold on much longer”.