Quick search dating.

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Quick search dating.

Now he wanted to go as far as he could.
He consciously relaxed his anus and immediately felt Geoff’s finger enter him.
It wasn’t painful as he had expected it to be.
Geoff was taking his time and being gentle with him. Live in needed 50 seattle area 50.
Geoff’s lips and tongue were still licking him as ever so slowly the finger withdrew and then reentered his ass, a little deeper this time.

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His cock was hard in Geoff’s hand.
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For five minutes or so, Geoff continued to enjoy Jackson’s ass.
“I’d like you to try and fuck me,” Jackson whispered huskily.
“Are you sure?” Geoff asked.
“Yes, I’ve never wanted it more, but please be careful. Amauture cheating sluts.
I’m not sure, you are big,” Jackson replied.
Geoff continued to finger and rim him for a few moments.
He had fucked a couple of guys before, but not for a long time.
He wasn’t good at it, he always came very quickly once he had entered a guys ass.

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But the thought of pushing his cock into this beautiful young man excited him and he got to his knees.
He knew his nine inch cock was well above average in length but he considered himself average in girth. Make it happen sexy bbw.
He thought his cock was skinny, like the rest of himself.
He would not even consider trying to put his full length into the virgin ass in front of him.

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He would be very careful this first time with Jackson.
“Can you reach the lube on the side table, Jackson?” Geoff asked. Crazy porn pincher creek porn.
The tube appeared as if by magic.
Geoff squirted a large amount onto his fingers and rubbed it with his thumb to try and warm it a little.
He then tentatively placed his fingers on Jackson’s anus.
His middle finger slipped straight past the entrance and was withdrawn almost immediately.

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Now Geoff placed two fingers against Jackson and applied a small amount of pressure, both fingers slid in and an audible, “Ahhhhh,” was heard.
Twice, Geoff pushed his fingers into Jackson.
“Are you okay with this?” Geoff quietly asked.
“Yes, it’s lovely,” Jackson replied, “Keep going.
” With his opposite hand, Geoff covered his cock in lubricant while his fingers were still buried in Jackson’s ass.

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He manoeuvred the head of his dick between the beautiful butt cheeks.