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Validating text files.

When she lifted her ass off the couch, I drove her back to the soft cushions, our bodies slamming against each other in a mad frenzy which made me thrust harder and faster and deeper, her screams filling the room as she erupted in a huge orgasm while my cock swelled and it was all I could do to hold back. Bikini car wash 2005.
I was on the verge.

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“Cum in me! Cum in me! I’m safe! Fuck me!” Both of us erupted at the same time, writhing in ecstasy, our wetness overflowing, her strong arms and legs embracing me as I collapsed on her, both of us panting and gasping, savoring the moment.
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Neither of us wanted to budge as we wallowed in the afterglow, loving the silent shadows of the dimly lighted room, ignoring the awareness I would be leaving in the morning and we would never see each other again. Amateur mom orgy.
We cuddled, kissed, talked, made mad passionate love again then fell asleep in each other’s arms.
The next morning, it was so hard to leave and for a long time, I wrestled with my desire to stay with her, but knew this was for the best.

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She made me coffee and we sat holding hands, knowing we had given each other the best of our selves.
Both of us sat at the table with tears in our eyes, reluctant to say goodbye.
Later, walking back towards town, not wanting to take the bus, I went back to the cafe for another cup of coffee. Teen in tight pantiees.
I sat at the same table where we met the night before, remembering how she joined me and how we laughed and shared our lives.

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That night was long ago, a night I have treasured and still, when I think of Birgit and what happened when I was caught eating the remnants of another person’s meal, I marvel at what gifts come to us when we least expect it. Booty orgy round.
Kinky Wife Happy Life I had just pulled up into the driveway.
My wife’s small car was absent and I knew she was already on her way to work.
I had just wrapped up my last night shift and was ready to hit the sack.

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I dragged my self from the car and through the front door.
When I got into the bedroom I saw a letter waiting for me.
It was written in my wife’s cute cursive script and provocatively spelt out her intentions for me.