Various dating.

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Various dating.

“Now, let me watch you both strip naked for me,” she commented as she brought her wet right hand up to her mouth and slowly sucked off the wetness of her pussy.
My cock was already fully erect as Andy and I began to remove our clothes. Horny texting chatroom.
I’ve been naked in the locker room shower with other men, but never have I seen another man’s cock erect right in front of me.

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Not sure why, but as I took a quick glance at Andy while I removed my underwear, I felt a little aroused at the sight of my friend’s erection, but the thought only lasted a brief second as I turned and stared at the beautiful woman waiting for us on my bed.
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“Oh My! You boys have amazing looking cocks!” Amanda said with excitement in her voice.
“I think it’s time you both join me over here on this bed.
” Both of us happily climbed up onto the bed, one of us on each side of her, three naked bodies together. Asian sex chatbot.
Amanda grabbed both of our cocks, one in each of her hands, and slowly stroked us off while we explored her body with our hands.

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Amanda turned to each of us and kissed us one at a time.
Her lips to wet and inviting. Carmen mirandas cunt.
I loved the feel of her smooth body against me.
My hands massaging her skin as I explored her breasts, squeezing her nipples, feeling her silky smooth thighs, and gently wetting my fingers with the wetness of her pussy. Masturbation nude male and female.
Amanda rolled onto her side to face Andy, turned her head towards me and said, “Trey, please fuck me.

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” I rolled onto my side while Amanda draped her leg over my legs.
My hand slid down over her hips to feel her ass, then reached around to place my cock for the first time into her very wet, but erotic pussy.