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Www dating com hk.

When they are all off, she rubs the area where they were with two stiff fingers, intensifying the sensation and making my body quiver.
She lifts the chain which connects the nipple clamps slowly, pulling it up until I am forced to lift my back off the table. Men profiles for dating.
She holds it there and says, “Eyes closed.
” Slowly she slides the blindfold up and off of my face.

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“Open them now,” she leans down and whispers.
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The light in the room is dim, just candles and it takes but a moment for my vision to adjust. Tranny ebony pics preview free.
Still holding up the chain, she releases the gag and slips it from around my neck then dabs my lips dry with a soft towel.
Looking me in the eye and smiling, she speaks.
“One more twist, I think.
” Her free hand turns the clamp on my right nipple slowly clockwise and my stomach muscles tense as I work, once again, to keep from crying out.

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Then she twists the other clamp counter clockwise before releasing it and pinching my nipple with her fingers.
I lift my head to look down, seeing the bright color of her fingernails against the soft colors of my flesh.